Introducing the School of Soft & Fluffy, a regional school programme offering children the chance to learn all about the history of bread and its
nutritional value. (It’s full of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals!) Even better, we also teach children how to make their very own loaf of bread – sharing our secrets on how to make it soft, fluffy and yummy.

  • What grade level does School of Soft & Fluffy teach?

    Primary – key stage 2 students

  • How long do our lessons last for?

    The School of Soft & Fluffy includes 2 x 2 hour lessons. Lesson 1 (am) – Background and history of soft and fluffy bread making. Includes a DVD and a Q&A sheet. Lesson 2 (pm) – Bread making time – all the children get the chance to make a loaf of soft and fluffy bread from scratch. We’ll provide guides on how to make the bread, and provide all the ingredients and materials.

  • How flexible are our lessons?

    Very flexible. We can tailor our lessons to meet teachers’ needs. That includes focusing more on particular areas of our lesson plan to reflect a teacher’s current syllabus.

  • What else does the School of Soft & Fluffy offer?

    Alongside the 2 sessions there’s also a term’s worth of teaching materials and lesson plans (specially developed with the help of teachers). Plus, there’s fun project work for students to challenge them over the school holidays. To find out more about the School of Soft & Fluffy just get in touch