Charity & community support programme

At Frank Roberts and Sons we have a long heritage of supporting the local community and charitable work. The Roberts family is at the heart of all charitable giving made by the company and oversee all requests for product donations or financial support.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and to enable us to focus our support and provide the most effective value for good causes, the company has developed a set of criteria that outline the projects that we are most likely to be able to help.

Frank Roberts & Sons provides ongoing support for three nominated charities each year, chosen by the Roberts family – at least 2 of which will be local – but we also welcome ad-hoc requests from other fundraisers and organisations. Our nominated charities are:

  • Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT)
  • St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice
  • Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal





Applying for charitable support

Our aim is to support the local communities in which we work. We therefore invite applications, for product or small financial donations, from organisations that fulfil the criteria below. As a bakery business our preference will always be towards supplying product rather than financial support. All applications must be received via the website, please process though our get in touch section and go to the charity section and fill out all of the relevant details required. Charitable requests are considered on a monthly basis, on the first Monday of every month. Please allow plenty of time for your application to be processed as unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate last minute requests.



We are most likely to support:

  •  Local registered charities, local branches of national charities, or community groups with a charitable purpose, located within our heartland area (please see map for reference) or within a 5 mile radius of our bakery in Ilkeston
  • Projects that meet a specific need and can deliver a positive benefit to the charity or community
  • Third party charity fundraisers raising funds for a local charity. The request must be supported by an official authorisation letter from the charity on headed paper and include contact details at the charity
  • Any projects that promote health, welfare, education and the environment will be especially welcomed.

 What we don’t support:

  • Projects that are located outside of our heartland area or more than 5 miles from our bakery in Ilkeston
  • Due to the number of requests received, and to maximise the reach of our support, we regret that we are unable to support any one charity or community group more than twice in a calendar year (with the exception of our nominated charities)
  • Charitable or community advertising and sponsorships
  • Political causes or political parties
  • Projects that promote alcohol or gambling, or assist with addiction or criminal rehabilitation
  • Religious bodies except where the project is for the benefit of the wider community (e.g. to fund a church hall used by the wider community)
  • Funding for year-end deficits or contributions to the ongoing everyday costs of the organisation
  • Expeditions and adventure experiences for groups or individuals, even if they are undertaken with a charitable aim
  • Donations that would replace funds normally provided by government, statutory authorities or supplement the normal activity of an organisation run as a business (e.g. a privately owned care home)
  • Individuals seeking sponsorship for academic fees, training, travel, professional sports costs or for financial hardship
  • Events where there is no charitable outcome (e.g. car boot sales, summer camps, breakfast clubs, school Christmas parties)
  • Any event or cause that may be deemed to be detrimental to Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd and its business activities

Products available for donation:

  • Roberts Bakery 800g loaves
  • White sliced batch rolls (12 per pack)
  • White finger rolls (6 per pack)
  • Wholemeal rolls (4 per pack)
  • Undecorated gingerbread men biscuits (105 biscuits per box)
  • Tea cakes (4 per pack).

Application Form